Photography Workshop for Girls

Photography Workshop For Girls is an exciting Sunday Program/Photography course, for girls in grades 3-8.  

The goal of this interactive workshop is to teach the girls' fundamental skills that will enable them to take better pictures. They will be given many different ideas on how to take better, different, and more artistic pictures, all the while bringing out their creativity and having a ton of fun in the process.  

Every lesson is taught using a projector and screen, showing slideshows of photographs, so that they can visually apply what they have just learned.

There will be fun Photography assignments weekly, and the girls will be asked to take a picture based on what they have learned that week. The girl who takes the best picture will win a fantastic prize. There will be many opportunities for the girls to win prizes. 

There will also be many additional Photography projects and contests, such as the "Young me-Now me photo project",  "Photo scavenger hunt", "Mystery photo contest",  "Shoot an adjective that best!!!", “Make your own photo time capsule”..and so much more!
Also planned is an exciting final project.  The winner will win a grand prize.

Each girl will be given a scrapbook. The girls will decorate it with all the pictures they have taken. By the end of the Photography course, they will have a beautiful scrapbook displaying all their hard work!

A Photography Workshop like this will be a tremendous self confidence booster for any child. The girls' will be given the opportunity to excel, every week. They will come out of this workshop confident and proud of all the beautiful photographs they have learned to create.

Learn how to create memories that will last long after this workshop is over... 

Please contact me for more information and to get a detailed outline describing what will be taught weekly.