After seeing my photos here on this site, I'm sure you realize how passionate I am about Photography. It is more than just a job to me, it is an integral part of my life.

WHY do I love it so much? Let me try to explain...
That feeling I get, when I look at my pictures after a photo shoot, and seeing a picture that is...simply WOW! That intake of breath when I am looking at the computer screen and I see something amazing that I've captured!  I just loved finding that gem of a picture at the end of the day...


Or... when I meet a mother in the street years after I've taken pictures of her children, and she tells me how my photos are hanging on her wall, and how they are her favorite pictures ever... To be able to make others smile through my work? To have others feel something when they look at my photos? That is a photographers dream!
Every photographer craves that excitement. To create something beautiful, or to capture a priceless expression on a child?  Moments like these are truly gratifying, and it is a feeling I want to experience again and again.
The tides have changed though, and now I teach Photography. But that feeling is still there!
That tremendous sense of satisfaction when I'm teaching a really difficult, technical subject...and I see that "aha" moment on my students' faces...or when a student tells me how my classes are "the highlight of her week"...These rewarding feelings are what I now look forward to.

Being able to share my love of Photography with others, and help my students finally achieve their dream by becoming a Photographer themselves, is a privilege and honor.

I am thrilled when I hear about a previous student who is now a successful Photographer...and I know I've achieved my goal when I hear from a student who emails me a stunning picture she took and she tells me it is all due to my classes.

If Photography is your passion, please contact me so that together, we can start learning how to capture the moments of today, that will WOW your hearts tomorrow....

Devorie Zutler