"I want to thank you for putting together this incredible course.  It’s fantastic to have something like this offered by a frum lady which enables us to explore our hobbies in a Kosher way. I think you are doing an amazing thing and you give your whole heart and soul. THANK YOU!"  -P.N.


"Loved your class! You are not only knowledgeable, you have a gift for giving over the information very clearly! I appreciated how you took the time to make sure everyone was with you and understood what was going on. I can’t believe how quickly the time went by without looking at my watch. You were great!" -S.S.


"Devorie, I now have a studio!! I really couldn't have done it without your course. When I walked into your class, I  had no idea what an aperture was!"  -M.S.

"I just love your Photography sheets, they are absolutely stunning!" - C.F.


"Thanks again for a wonderful workshop presented today to our parents. We all really enjoyed it very much – sorry about the noise level from the babies, we didn’t expect such a big turnout!" - Kindervelt Early Headstart

"Got amazing feedback! The girls were thrilled! Thank you."  -B.Y. High School of Vien


"I am so happy that I took your class. I finally feel that I have an understanding of Photography. You have a knack for making complicating things sound so simple!"  -G.F.


"I can listen to you for hours..." -G.S.


"Devorie, I can't tell you enough how I treasure your classes..."  -H.P.


"Your classes are definitely the highlight of my week..."  -F.G.

"Your passion for teaching Photography heightened my enthusiasm..." -G.S.


"I enjoyed your Photography Workshop tremendously! Devorie, you were terrific! You were very well informed and prepared. The Looseleaf  is so helpful...Everything was presented in a professional, yet casual warm atmosphere which added so much to the overall lessons!"  -R.C.


" I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your well organized, informative, and enjoyable photography classes..."Tech Talk" totally clarified some of those mysterious buttons on my camera!" -D.L.E.


"I am so sad the class is over. I've taken other classes in Manhattan and you were much better." -N.S.

"Thank you for such a spectacular course. It  was EXACTLY what I was looking for!! Thanks for providing us with the notes and sample pictures- it really made everything so clear!"  -F.F.

"The girls are loving your classes -they can't get enough of it."  -Pupa High School

"Thanks Devorie for such an amazing course! The girls all enjoyed and feel like they gained so much!"  -B.Y. Seminary

"The girls are really enjoying your workshops. I'm getting excellent feedback!" -B.Y. Pupa Monsey

"Your workshops are phenomenal! The women loved it!"  -Yeled Vyalda BP

"Your incredible excitement for Photography is absolutely contagious. Your class was phenomenal, professional, informative and so well prepared!"  -C.R.